I have an interior design degree and old house-itis running through my veins. It is genetic, I solemnly swear. I am also an old house groupie if you will, a bit too passionate about them for my practical husband’s tastes. I am also a serial mover, I LOVE to move. Adore it. But that is a whole other story. Not only does my house have to be old, charming, a bit crumbly and lovely, it also has to smell right. You know the smell of an old house, that slightly moist basement smell…ahhhh love that smell!  And renovations, ahhh house renovations…I rub my hands together thinking of glorious renovations – I LOVE PROJECTS!  Give me a meaty project with debris flying and studs exposed, now that is fun! I want to save the old ones, bring them back to life and I actually think the houses are grateful for it especially when they are in keeping with their original integrity but made better and more elegant in a comfy up to date way. My husband and I will be married 10 years this spring and we have bought and renovated 5 houses together so far. The numbers are in my favor for another move and reno. I'm working on convincing him, but in the meantime I will dream and find fabulous homes, design inspiration and tidbits to share with you.