Friday, January 27, 2012

Fantasy Friday

One of my old house fantasies is to have one covered in lush ivy. There is just something so magical and romantic about an ivy covered old house. Now it doesn't have to be completely covered, that would be a bit much. But a nice strategically placed area that is kept properly trimmed away from windows and gutters is the perfect compliment to a charming old house. In doing a bit of research it seems that Boston Ivy is a less invasive choice over English Ivy, which in addition to the glue like substance it also produces suckers that anchor onto the house. I know some people cringe at the thought of an ivy covered abode, but it is always love at first sight to me!

This ivy covered gem is actually for sale in my area, but alas I can't get my husband to even go view it. The exterior is a fairytale dream to me, even the stucco color and shutters are perfect. But the interior leaves a lot to be desired and I have to admit it would take lots of  $$ to renovate. So I will just have to settle with driving by it every now and then and sighing.

Here are a few more dreamy ivy covered old houses which rock in my eyes!


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