Monday, March 19, 2012

Two words

Two simple words strike fear and dread in the hearts of my children like no other every time I say them. What could they possibly be you wonder.....fabric store. My kids are very experienced shoppers especially when it comes to anything building and interiors related and are always good sports about and well behaved too. But, the one place they dread the most is the fabric store. Must be because I just seem to wander aimlessly gawking at rolls and rolls of color and after a couple of hours walk away with nothing but a tiny little tote bag of snippets. They also must know this means many more trips will be coming soon as I commit to some of the snippets and buy the big rolls. In most major cities Calico Corners is a tried and true place to go that always stays on trend and locally I adore Fabric House. Fabric House is an expanded CC if you will with more to gawk at and trim galore at very good prices - score!

Here are some of this spring trend forecasts for fabric and color via Calico Corners - enjoy!


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