Sunday, January 29, 2012

Closet love

Admittedly one of the advantages of living in a newer house is the abundant closet space. We have LOTS of closets and cabinets, so much so that some are even...gasp...empty! Now that I am trying to convince the hubs it is time to go back to an old house this is going to be an issue (at least in our price range). All of the houses that we have gone to see so far are smaller than what we are in now and so are the closets, way smaller. Small is fine for the kids bedrooms and guest bedrooms but not so much for the master bedroom. Of course, if your layout works you can just add-on a nice sized bump out and viola a big closet! At least that is my argument.

When searching for images of closets, it seems based on what I found, that we will need to have an entire extra bedroom to devote. That or one big bump out! Now feast your eyes on these fantasy closets!


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