Monday, January 30, 2012

Oodles of magazines

Today I will admit my obsession with shelter magazines. I ADORE every one of them and have subscriptions to many. It is a good day when a new one or two or three arrives in the mail! I have a bit of an odd system to reading them. First I quickly thumb through them, looking at each and every delicious page, but not reading a bit of the text. That is for later. When later comes, usually when I am not being asked for a million snacks from the chickens (my kids) or having to play "cars" or "dog", I sink down in my chair and begin. I read it cover to cover absorbing every amazing word and image. A week or so later, after going through it about 20 more times, I start to dog ear pages I especially like. A month or so after that comes the tearing out. I used to keep the whole issue and had stacks and stacks of them, but that got to be a bit much. So now I tear out the pages for my dream files. At this point I still can't bear to throw the magazine out so it will sit for a bit longer before the recycling bin gets it.

Here is this weeks stack at the foot of my bed in various stages of my system.

I not so sure I'm sold on the on-line magazine concept. You can't hold it and flip through it a hundred times and circle things and tear pages out or send a clipping to your mom. I need to physically have the issue in my hands, not view it once on my monitor and forget about it.

Here are a few that I subscribe to:
House Beautiful
Traditional Home
Renovation Style
Elle Decor
Country Living
Southern Accents

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  1. I completely agree, Jess! I struggle with the 'green' in me versus my desire to hold the book/magazine in my hand, re-reading at my whim, without the need for electricity, internet, and monitor. I credit Mom with my catalog addiction :-)