Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blue porch

There is nothing more traditional and fun than a blue porch ceiling. I always paint my porch ceilings blue in every house and usually an interior room too! In my current home the dining room ceiling is a wonderful Robin's egg blue to compliment the chocolate brown walls.

If you search for the why behind the blue ceiling you will find that the reason depends on the region. In the northeast is is simply said to be a carry over from Victorian times where bold color schemes were more the norm and it gave the impression of a sunny clear day even when it was cold and rainy. In the Northwest it is associated with the Aurora Colony, a Christian communal society that gained popularity in the 1850s. Here in the south, where the tradition is most deeply rooted, it is not so straightforward. Many reasons are given with the most popular being to scare off haints (spirits), bugs and nesting birds. Whatever the reason I love it and hope you do too!!


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