Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old house search

Our next old house search continues today. Three more to look at with our realtor this afternoon. I just know we have to be driving her crazy looking and looking and looking. We did find "the one", but unfortunately "the one" is also just enough out of reach with our budget to make us pause. Ironically one of the houses we are looking at is in our very first neighborhood we lived in when we moved to Nashville ten years ago and even has the same house number but two streets over. I could babble on and on about all the houses we have seen lately, but I won't bore you with all the details. And I'm not going to share any pictures of the houses we are considering because it might jinx things.

But I will share this fabulous tidbit of info I stumbled across recently, I have always wanted carrara marble countertops in my kitchen. But we all know they scratch and stain like crazy and unless you are willing to live with a lot of maintenance or an aged patina on your counters you need to move on and select something more forgiving. Well......I came across a granite called Bianco Maramar that looks just like marble but has the density and durability we all love with granite. Problem solved!!

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  1. That's beautiful! I've had Calcutta Gold Marble in one of my previous kitchens (Circa 1920's home) and it etched terribly. I didn't think I would mind it but it drove me nuts. Hope the granite works as well as it looks!